Top Five Reasons to Start a Podcast



Podcasting is a powerful tool to market and grow your brand by connecting with your target audience and influencers in your niche. The best news is that podcast listenership has exploded over the past 5 years and there’s no end in sight.

In 2013 just 12% of americans listened to one or more podcast episode on a monthly basis. In 2018 that number had jumped to 26%. What’s more, weekly listeners spent more than 6.5 hrs a week consuming podcasts.

Furthermore, podcast listeners earn more, and have achieved a higher level of education than the average U.S. adult. If you are looking for an affordable way to connect with your target audience, develop or grow the community around your brand podcasting is a great choice.

Here 5 reasons you should start a podcast:


#5. Communicate directly with your target audience and build a grass roots community


In 2019 building a community is an essential part of growing and maintaining a successful brand. Podcasting is one of the best ways to do this. Chances are, the people you would like to reach have limited time, and can’t afford to sit down and watch youtube, TV, or online courses for hours on end. Podcasting allows you to deliver high quality content to individuals in your niche when it’s convenient for them.


#4. Forces consistent content creation


Consistent content creation is critical to marketing in today’s digital world. Creating content your audience finds compelling is essential, but so is consistency. No one comes back to your website day after day to read the same great blog post or listen to the same podcast episode, they come back over and over again for new content.

Compared to blog posts podcasts are a relatively easy way to create valuable, engaging content on a consistent basis.

About 90% of our clients use the interview format for their podcast which is generally easier than writing blog posts. There are two obvious reasons for this.

One, a good portion of your content will be “created” by your guests. Two, you are far more likely to show up to an interview with an industry expert than you are to sit down and write a blog post for hours on end.


#3. Establish yourself as an industry expert


We’ve worked with a number of clients that are very successful and famous within their industry. Everyone of them has commented that when people come up to them at a conference or in public, their podcast is the first thing that’s mentioned.

Being the host of a podcast can lead to some incredible opportunities like paid speaking gigs, book deals, business partnerships and more.

Podcasts can open up doors that would not have been opened had the podcast not been started. Basically, it’s a momentum thing. The more popular the podcast, the more opportunities. For example, we’ve seen speaking gigs catapult a podcast’s listenership which leads to even more high-profile speaking gigs. It’s a wonderful cycle.


#2. Fix your mistakes faster.


For many people, thinking through their ideas out loud, is a way to dramatically shorten their learning curve. This is often the difference between incredible success and tragic failure. If you’re conducting interviews for your podcast, feedback from industry experts can provide valuable insight from a new perspective. This leads to the number one reason every business should start a podcast.


#1: The chance to talk with experts in your niche.


Ask yourself one question. If you want to meet and talk with some of the biggest names in your industry, how do you go about that? In my experience, there is no better way than asking an expert to come on your podcast. Even if they’ve never heard of you, the chances of getting a yes are far greater than asking them to go out for coffee. This one reason alone should inspire you to start a podcast today!


Ready To Get Started?

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Why Choose The Podcasting Group?

Everything you put out into the world is a direct reflection of your brand. A podcast can greatly enhance, or seriously damage that brand. I started this company because I noticed a very interesting trend. Individuals and companies had beautiful websites, slick social media campaigns, informative blogs, and horrible podcasts. My team and I have published thousands of episodes, and we know how to make each episode, the best it can be. We are passionate about podcasting, and it shows in our work.


Here’s what a few of our clients have to say:

Tim has been fantastic. I’ve referred him to a gazillion people and I don’t refer unless I really, really, really love and trust somebody and I really, really, really love and trust Tim because he’s been so easy to work with. People tell me oh, how hard was it to start your podcast? Or, you know, isn’t there like a huge learning curve? And I’m like no, it was so easy because of Tim and his team. Everything that they do has been phenomenal. Super responsive, really great input, so I am a huge fan. I would highly recommend Tim and his team to anybody and everybody. I mean, honestly, if you’re gonna start a podcast, you can’t go to anybody else.
— Lisa Rehurek
Tim at The Podcasting Group has been incredibly helpful to me in terms of really navigating and understanding podcasting. I started podcasting, prior to working with Tim. I was working with another firm but, Tim really brought it together for me. I don’t have to worry about editing at all. It’s a stress free deal and it’s actually more inexpensive that I thought that this kind of thing would cost, especially for the high quality of service. it’s changed the way that I feel about podcasting. I was very nervous about it when I started and now I just love doing the interviews and passing them over to Tim and his team. I highly recommend him.
— Maribeth Kuzmeski

Lisa Rehurek, Host of the RFP Success Show


Maribeth Kuzmeski, Host of the Female Inside Zone