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One minute recording requires 4-6 minutes of post-production work. That’s 4-6 hours for every one-hour episode.

Partnering with us frees your time to focus on the high value tasks that are important to you.

Our post-production package is designed for individuals and businesses that would like to focus on creating engaging, compelling content, and delegate the rest.

We take out the guesswork and minimize the time you spend in post-production and marketing. We can do everything but record your podcast including all audio post-production, show notes, and your episode promotional material.

Clear your plate entirely with additional options like episode video promos, episode artwork, quote artwork and more.

This package is so much more than editing and show notes. We include promotion and marketing materials for each episode to make it easiest for your listeners to find you.

Want to take it to the next level?

Choose from additional options like episode video promos, episode artwork, quote artwork and more.

Post Production step by step:

1. Schedule a Call with Tim (optional)
2. Choose Your Package
3. Share Your Files. Let Us Do the Rest

Seriously! We will handle:

  • Audio enhancement/mixing

  • Manual Editing process

  • MP3 mixdown and ID3 tagging

  • Show notes creation

  • Marketing Material Creation

  • Episode posting or delivery

    (see a description of each of these services here)

4. Congrats! You Have a Podcast

You Create and We’ll Handle the Rest with Our Post-Production Package

The Podcast Group Core Post-Production Package Includes:

(One episode per week with the following features)


Audio enhancement and mixing

Audio enhancement is all about making the audio sound it's very best. this is where we run processes like noise reduction, compression, vocal leveling, equalization, reverb, dynamics processing and any other process that will maximize the quality of your vocals.

Episode Mixing (MP3 Format)

In the mixdown process, we organize the various audio files that make up your episode, and mix them together in MP3 format to create a finished episode.

ID3 Tagging

ID3 Tagging is data embedded within the MP3 file. This includes info like the name of your podcast, The Episode Title, your website, artwork and additional information for your listener.

Show notes creation

Show notes are a description of what is discussed on the episode, links to "resources mentioned" and links that enable listeners to connect with the guest and host! In addition to providing potential listeners more information about the episode, show notes are also a key element for search engine optimization (SEO).

Post Excerpt/Apple Podcast Summary

A Post Excerpt is a two to three sentence description of the episode. This is useful for SEO purposes as well as in the "iTunes Summary" Field that has a 512 character limit.


Manual Editing Process

With manual editing we listen through every second of raw audio, and remove things like, false starts, stuttering, “umms” and “ahhs”, etc.

Social Media AudioGram

We use an audio clip pulled from the episode with a static image that can be used to promote the episode across social media platforms.


Pull-Quotes are transcribed quotes from the episode that will grab the readers attention and entice them to become a listener. These can be used for promotion before and after the episode is released.

Social Media Promo Blurbs

These are text blurbs that can be published on social media to promote the episode upon release. We write one version for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Episode Delivery

When the episode is complete, we will upload everything to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder OR we can handle posting/scheduling on your media host & website for an additional charge.


Michael Blank.jpg
I’ve had a podcast for over three and half years now. I’ve been working with Tim almost since the very beginning. What I love about Tim is that he’s very responsive. He’s affordable. His work is excellent. He takes care of everything soup to nuts, really, all the way from editing to production, to uploading, to the show notes, even writes the social media blurbs and the email teaser. I love it so much. I couldn’t have done it without The Podcasting Group. I highly recommend that you use TPG for your podcast. Your time is much more valuable than you doing it yourself.
— Michael Blank


So, how much does it cost?

You pay a flat fee based on the length of your weekly podcast episode. Your monthly fee will include up to 4 or 5 episodes per month (for a total of 52 per year). Whether you have a short, medium, or super long podcast we’ve got the best value for you with our subscription pricing.

Every one minute of final show audio translates into roughly 4 to 6 minutes of post-production. A one hour episode requires roughly 4 - 6 hours of post production time. Partner with us and get that time back.

Here’s how that shapes up for producing 4 episodes per month/1 episode per week:

Show Time in Minutes/Cost Per Month average with annual subscription

  • 1-30 Min / $643 per month

  • 31-60 Min / $760 per month

  • 61-90 Min / $899 per month

    *prices shown reflects annual subscription discount

Use our Pricing Calculator to fine tune your Post Production Package

We have a la carte features as well. We can customize a package that suits your needs.


Need something else? Let us customize a package for you.

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