There are Two Ways to Start a Podcast

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Option 1

  • Watch weeks of Youtube videos and take 3 paid online courses
  • Watch more Youtube videos…and finally give up and order equipment mentioned in a Reddit thread
  • Get the equipment and spend a couple days setting it up and configuring the software
  • Go back to Facebook to ask more questions on hardware/software setup and configuration
  • Watch more Youtube videos on the best media hosting, plus getting podcast on iTunes and other directories…
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Option 2

Purchase our JumpStart package  
What is the JumpStart Package? In just three coaching calls, we partner with you and walk you through every step of setting up your podcast.
From zero to launch, we make the process simple and fast. You’ll have a published and produced podcast for your eager listeners in the time it takes to teach your mom how to subscribe to your podcast.

Jumpstart Package


Package includes:



1st Jump-Start Meeting: Podcast Planning/Strategy

  • Define podcast format
  • Define recording conditions
  • Define hardware/software budget
  • Go over recommended equipment/software
  • Outline next steps
  • Answer ANY questions you may have (No such things as a stupid question)


Jump-Start Meeting: Recording Hardware & Software Setup/config/testing

  • Setup configure all hardware
  • Download/ configure all software
  • Test recording emulating conditions using YOUR podcast format
  • Outline next steps
  • Answer ANY questions you may have


Jump-Start Meeting: Podcast Online setup

  • Media host setup/config
  • Website tab setup/config
  • RSS feed submission to all major directories Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google etc.


  • Customized Podcast HOST best recording practices checklist
  • Customized Podcast GUEST best recording practices checklist
  • 10 ways to grow your podcast PDF
  • 10 ways to monetize your podcast PDF
  • 10 Tips to becoming a successful podcaster PDF


If you have ANY questions or concerns or would just like to chat with Tim before you purchase, please schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call with Tim. (Seriously, he loves to talk with new soon-to-be podcasters.)

“Tim was so helpful with this project. He was very quick to respond, knowledgeable and extremely professional. He made sure everything was done properly and held my hand through the process. I am so glad I found him and will definitely be working with him again. He’s fantastic!”

Kristin Morrison, Prosperous Pet Business Podcast

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