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Hi, I’m Tim Hallowell, Founder of The Podcasting Group.

Thanks for checking out our website.

We’ve helped hundreds of podcasters launch their podcast with our jump start package and then handle ongoing post-production. We offer Audio post-production, show notes, artwork, even episode promotion on social media and youtube

Feel free to check out the Jumpstart and Post Production packages below and if you have any questions, please set a free no obligation consultation call. Whether you’re a podcast newbie or a seasoned pro, I’d love to talk with you and answer any question you may have. I hope to see you soon!

I started this company because many of the podcasters I knew wanted to focus on creating great content, and delegate everything that comes after recording, and that’s exactly what we do.
— Tim Hallowell


Benefits of Working with The Podcasting Group

 Free your time to focus on your genius

Expand your team by partnering with true professionals

Confidence that you’ll have the highest-quality podcast



Ready to start a podcast, but not sure where to begin?

Let us walk you through everything you need in order to get started. Our Jumpstart Package is perfect for anyone that’s new to podcasting. Check out the Post-Production Snapshot page to see everything you’ll receive with each episode!


Jumpstart Package:

Everything is easier with a process. Our jump start package takes you from zero to launch, with a systematized approach that includes 3 consultation calls. During these calls, we guide you through everything from selecting hardware and software, to setting up your media host and submitting your podcast to the various directories. We make the process simple.



Already have a podcast and ready to take it to the next level?

Our Post-Production Package is designed for individuals and businesses that would like to focus on creating engaging, compelling content, and delegate the rest. 


Seriously… we will handle:

  • Audio enhancement/mixing
  • Manual Editing
  • MP3 mixdown and ID3 tagging
  • Show notes creation
  • Marketing Material Creation
  • Episode posting or delivery

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

My podcast is probably eight months old and I already have thousands and thousands of downloads and a lot of raving fans, which has transitioned into sales for my business. I even have a podcast sponsor of more than $10,000 in sponsorship deals already to date. I owe so much of this to Tim and The Podcasting Group, because he set up my show and gave me the best tips and strategies to continue being successful. I'm a former TV news broadcaster so I'm very selective and familiar with the production process. His work is such high quality and he made it so easy for me. I didn't want to have to figure out how to do all things podcasting. Believe me I tried! I did the whole YouTube video things. It was really overwhelming and was eating my time. Tim simplified it, he gave me clear direction, he followed through with everything he said he was going to do and he continues to do so. Having someone who's reliable when you're in podcasting is so important because you need those episodes edited on time, you need feedback, when you have a question he answers you right away, he's really an incredible, incredible producer and a key part of my podcasting team. I will continue working with The Podcasting Group for the foreseeable future.

Tiffany Carter, Host of the  ProjectMe Podcast

Tiffany Carter, Host of the ProjectMe Podcast

Sarah Santacroce, Host of the  Introvert Biz Growth Podcast

Sarah Santacroce, Host of the Introvert Biz Growth Podcast

I  love his team, love everything they do, especially Dinah, who is writing my show notes pages. I first reached out to Tim because I needed someone to edit my podcast because I just don't have time to do them myself. They are taking care of everything for me. Not only the audio, but they also create these great show note pages! They even go on Libsyn and post a description there! I’ve got a really efficient team behind me and I just love working with them. I highly recommend them to my clients and recommend them to you as well.


Tim Hallowell, Founder of The Podcast Group

Tim Hallowell, Founder of The Podcasting Group

Tim Hallowell, Founder of The Podcasting Group

I started The Podcasting Group in 2015 after producing and hosting a popular local news podcast with a group of friends. I quickly fell in love with podcasting and realized that there was an opportunity to help other podcast hosts with audio post-production, show notes, marketing and everything else that comes after the mics are turned off.

Since its inception, The Podcasting Group has grown from just me, to a team of talented writers, editors, transcriptionists and graphic designers who are passionate about providing high-quality work on time, every time. We would love the opportunity to help you share your message, grow your brand, and reach the world through podcasting.