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The US is the Saudi Arabia of garbage. And Illinois Clean Fuels is working to use our surplus of municipal waste as its primary input, turning trash into biofuel. This solves two problems at once, providing a sustainable source of energy through a process that captures and stores CO2 underground. So, how does it work?

Stephen Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Illinois Clean Fuels, a synthetic fuel project projected to produce more than 400M+ gallons of ultra-clean, climate-friendly diesel and jet fuel from municipal garbage every year. Mark Fitz is an advisor for Illinois Clean Fuels and the President of Star Oilco, a full-service oil company known for its outside-the-box solutions for fleets seeking to incorporate biofuels in their daily operations.

Today, Stephen and Mark join Alexsandra and Christophe to explain how the Illinois Clean Fuels gasification process works and what they are doing to eliminate the life cycle footprint of the fuel. They also discuss what’s holding back the widespread use of biodiesel and how Illinois Clean Fuels is working to overcome those roadblocks. Listen in for insight around how some prominent airlines and oil and gas companies are providing leadership around climate change and backing critical innovations in the space!

Key Takeaways

[0:59] Stephen’s path to reversing climate change
• Research on oil supply as hedge fund manager
• Interest in alternative fuels, Fischer-Tropsch tech
• Found way to use biomass as part of process

[6:30] Mark’s path to reversing climate change
• Family owns oil company
• Indulge to ‘play with biodiesel’

[9:36] How the ICF gasification process works
• Chemically convert garbage to hydrogen + carbon
• Reassemble into fuel

[11:29] How ICF recycles leftover tar back into the process
• Anything not converted into gas locked up in slag of glass
• Must also remove impurities in SimGas cleanup step

[15:58] How ICF’s renewable diesel results in negative emissions
• Burns more completely than conventional fuels
• Capture and lock excess CO2 underground

[17:29] What differentiates Illinois Clean Fuels
• Best available tech for disposing of waste
• Recapture energy with no environmental side effects

[21:09] Why we aren’t using biodiesel jet fuel
• Palm oil used as feedstock (necessitates deforestation)
• Better to use waste rather than grow more vegetable oil

[27:40] What we can expect from Illinois Clean Fuels
• Fundamental processes proven and scaled separately
• Integrate synthetic fuel, carbon capture + use of biomass

[31:26] What’s holding back biofuel adoption
• Can’t compete on price point
• Overcome by way of scale (30K barrels/day)

[32:52] How some airlines and oil & gas companies are providing leadership
• United Airlines’ vow to reduce carbon footprint by 50%
• Oil and Gas Climate Initiative backing critical innovation

[35:29] What is shifting the mindset in traditional oil and gas
• Superior tech + regulations

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