How to Produce a Fantastic Podcast Intro/Outro On a Budget

It was a sad day when I said goodbye to intro/outro production services. Over the years I have created dozens of podcast intro/outros for my clients. While the majority of my clients have been pleased with the product, there are many challenges that exist in finding voiceover talent and music selection for the pieces, so I have decided to focus on post-production services while offering a scaled down version of our Jump-Start packages.

It’s important for you to fall in love with both the music selection and the VO artist since this is going to be on every episode for the foreseeable future. Searching through dozens or even hundreds of options means that there is an excellent chance you will find options you love. Unfortunately, realistically I can only send 3-4 samples for you to choose from.

However, by following these steps you can produce your very own, high-quality podcast intro/outro for a minimal cost.

Step 1: Script

Here are some content and structure recommendations to get you started.


A header is generally done by the host, and it includes the name of the show and the episode number (this is done every week). Some people also include the title of the episode.

B.     INTRO

I would recommend keeping the intro as short as possible, but no shorter. :-) Usually, 30 seconds is more than enough time to say everything that needs to be said. I’ve heard some excellent examples that are under 10 seconds! You have to remember that listeners are going to be hearing this every episode, so you don’t want to make it something they have to sit through for 2 minutes before the show starts.

Here are some intro content ideas to get you started. You do not need to include all.

  • Welcome listeners to the show

  • Show name

  • Show hosts name

  • What the podcast is about (why should your target demographic listen to your podcast?)

  • Segway to the episode.

Mix it up:

  • Include a funny or interesting excerpt(s) from prior episodes.

  • Include funny or interesting sound effects.

  • Tell listeners where you are podcast from (the city).

C.     OUTRO

Here are some possible content ideas you could include in your outro. Again, say what needs to be said, but don’t spread it out. I like to keep my outro’s short and sweet, generally under 20 seconds.

  • Thank listeners for listening

  • Tell listeners when they can hear the next episode (ex. every Tuesday at 5 AM PST)

  • Give out your website or other contact info. (Some of my clients have a free eBook or something else to give away to drive listeners to their website and get their email.)

  • Ask them to leave a review on iTunes and explain why it’s important (how it helps you).

  • Last words (Many hosts find a catch phrase to sign out with that relates to their show. So a self-help podcast host might say something like, “until next time, live inspired.”

Step 2: Secure Voice-Over (VO) Talent

After you’ve finalized the script, it’s time to find a VO talent. There are a number of options to choose from, but one of the most affordable options is

Voice-over talents typically charge between $5-10 per 100 words. Pick a selection of VO talent you are interested in and have your top choices record just part of the intro or outro (first 100 words). Once you have an adequate sample from each, you can select a talent to hire. This is also a good time to ask for any changes in style or delivery if your top choice isn't providing quite what you had in mind.

Step 3: Select Music

There are countless options when it comes to buying royalty-free and podcast-safe music, but the two cost-effective websites used frequently are:

There are a few things to consider when choosing music for podcast intro/outro. Just because you like the way a song sounds does not necessarily mean it’s a good fit for your podcast. The music should have these key components:

  • Great beginning that sounds good transitioning from dry (no music header) to the music

  • Nice build up with transition between 4-10 second mark

  • Complements vocals

  • Transitions well with a fade into the main body of the episode

 With these steps, you can easily develop your own into/outro to be used for your podcast for episodes to come! Now that you’ve found the VO talent and music bed, it’s time to mix your intro/outro and I would be happy to help!