About The Podcast Group:

I’ve noticed a very interesting trend. Individuals and companies have beautiful websites, slick social media campaigns, informative blogs, but horrible podcasts. I started this company to create elevated brand consistency for you. When you partner with us you will:


Save Time

Lots of it! With every minute of audio you record can you can spend another 4-6 minutes in post-production! So a one hr episode can take up to 7 hrs of your time.


Build a Better Brand

Everything you put out in the world makes up your brand. That includes your; podcast. Horrible audio, poorly written or little show notes doesn’t enhance your brand, but it can seriously damage it.


Reduce frustration

Everyone has a specialty. Ours is podcast post-production. Your time and energy should be spent on doing things require your area of expertise to maximize productivity and move your business forward.

Everything you put out into the world, directly impacts your brand. A podcast can either greatly enhance, or seriously damage that brand. My team and I have published thousands of episodes, and we know how to make each episode the best it can be. We are passionate about podcasting, and it shows in our work.


What Our Clients Say:

Sarah Santacroce.jpg
I  love his team, love everything they do, especially Dinah, who is writing my show notes pages. I first reached out to Tim because I needed someone to edit my podcast episodes because I just don’t have time to do them myself. They are taking care of everything for me. Not only the audio, but they also create these great show note pages! They even go on Libsyn and post a description there! I’ve got a really efficient team behind me and I just love working with them. I highly recommend them to my clients and recommend them to you as well.
— Sarah Santacroce
Michael Blank.jpg
’I’ve had a podcast for over three and half years now. And been working with Tim almost since the very beginning. So what I love about Tim, he’s very responsive. He’s affordable. His work is excellent. He takes care of everything soup to nuts, really, all the way from editing to production, to uploading, to the show notes, even writes the social media blurbs and the email teaser. So, love it so much, Tim, couldn’t have done it without you. Make sure you guys check out Tim, and use him for your podcast. Your time is much more valuable than you doing it yourself.
— Michael Blank

About Tim:


Hi, I’m Tim

Founder of thepodcastinggroup.com. I currently live in the beautiful city of Spokane Washington with my wife and objectively the best kid on the planet, Lincoln.

I am passionate about audio. My deep appreciation for the spoken word and storytelling started at an early age with my parents reading books to me and my siblings. We didn't have TV growing up, so listening to my parents reading in the evenings was something I always looked forward to. These experiences have given me a unique perspective into podcasting that I bring to my work every day.

I started The Podcasting Group in 2015 after producing and hosting a popular local news podcast with a group of friends. I quickly fell in love with podcasting and realized that there was an opportunity to help other podcast hosts with audio post-production, show notes, marketing and everything else that comes after the mics are turned off.

Since its inception, The Podcasting Group has grown from just me, to a team of talented writers, editors, transcriptionists and graphic designers who are passionate about providing high-quality work on time, every time. We would love the opportunity to help you share your message, grow your brand, and reach the world through podcasting.