Free your time to focus on your genius

Expand your team by partnering with true professionals

Confidence that you’ll have the highest-quality podcast


Jump Start Package

We take you from zero to launch and guide you through everything to start your podcast!


Post Production Package

You focus on creating engaging, compelling content, and delegate the rest to us. We handle everything else. 


Partner with the best to receive


Professional Editing

We listen through every second of raw audio, and edit out things like false starts, stutters, umms and ahhs, mouth noise ect. without making the episode sound over-edited.

Episode Promotion Material

We offer customized episode promotion material with each episode to make sure your podcast will be shared, grow and reach your target audience.


Audio Enhancement

Audio enhancement is all about making the audio sound it's very best.

SEO Friendly Show Notes

Show notes are a description of what is discussed on the episode so your audience will know what the episode is about. We also include "resources mentioned" in the episode and links to connect with the guest and host!


Intro/Outro/Music Mixing

Have an intro, outro or midroll with music? We mix these with your episode as part of our core post-production pkg.

Episode Posting

We can format, and schedule each episode for you, on your media host and website. Our trained experts will format the post, and optimize the post to maximize SEO.


Best Recording Practices

We provide custom recording practices to each client as part of our Jump Start PKG.

One on One customer support (with TPG Founder)

Need extra help? Clients have access to one on one consultation calls with our founder Tim Hallowell!


On time, every time

It’s on time, or it’s our dime!

Custom Packages

We offer Customized packages! Set a free no obligation consultation call for information on Custom Packages.


The Podcasting Guy

Tim Hallowell

I started The Podcasting Group in 2015 after producing and hosting a popular local news podcast with a group of friends. I quickly fell in love with podcasting and realized that there was an opportunity to help other podcast hosts with audio post-production, show notes, marketing and everything else that comes after the mics are turned off.


How We Can Help

I’ve noticed a very interesting trend. Individuals and companies have beautiful websites, slick social media campaigns, informative blogs, but horrible podcasts.

I started this company to create elevated brand consistency for you. When you partner with us you will:

Reduce frustration

Save Time

Build a Better Brand

Everything you put out into the world, directly impacts your brand. A podcast can either greatly enhance, or seriously damage that brand.

Let us show you how we can take your podcast to the next level while you do what you’re passionate about.


lisa rehurek.jpeg

Lisa Rehurek

Tim has been fantastic. I’ve referred him to a gazillion people and I don’t refer unless I really, really, really love and trust somebody and I really, really, really love and trust Tim because he’s been so easy to work with.
Maribeth Kuzmeski.png

Maribeth Kuzmeski

Tim at The Podcasting Group has been incredibly helpful to me in terms of really navigating and understanding podcasting. I started podcasting, prior to working with Tim. I was working with another firm but, Tim really brought it together for me.
Michael Blank.jpg

Michael Blank

I’ve had a podcast for over three and half years now. And been working with Tim almost since the very beginning. What I love about Tim is that he’s very responsive, he’s affordable, and his work is excellent.



How can you help me with my podcast?


You can expand your team by partnering with true professionals to free your time and focus on your genius.

If you’re new to podcasting we offer our Jump Start Package, where we take you from zero to launch with one-on-one sessions.

If you need help with post-production our Core Post-Production package includes audio enhancement/mixing, editing,  show notes, scheduling, promotion materials and much more.

How long do I need to commit for? // What is the cancellation policy?


We don’t require a contract. Our core post production pkg is a month to month subscription that you can cancel at any time through Paypal or send your cancellation request through our “contact us” page.

Our packages are prepaid we do not offer refunds for unused services.

Why should I use a service? Can’t I do this myself?


You can do it yourself, but there are many reasons our clients choose to hire us. Time Savings, Quality, Consistency, are just a few reasons clients choose to partner with The Podcasting Group.

We eat sleep and breathe podcasting. When you partner with us you will have full confidence that your podcast will be the best it can be.

I’m new to podcasting. Where do I begin?


Starting a podcast doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. Our Jump-Start package is perfect for new podcasters who want to launch their podcast the right way with an expert by their side every step of the way.


Still Have More Questions?

We’ve Got You Covered!


We’ve helped hundreds of podcast newbies and pros alike launch podcasts and we’d love to help you launch yours.